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What Foods Give Us The Most Energy?

In Thermodynamics we learn that the energy equation of life = All life converts compounds and elements into other compounds and elements. The quality of the energy we consume, impacts the quality of our experiences. What does this mean for you and I? If you want a more vibrant and healthy life you need to […]

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Is Drinking Alcohol Really That Bad For Us?

Alcohol is such a integrated part of our lives. We drink to celebrate, we drink to relax, we drink to reward ourselves, we drink to drown our pain. Drinking alcohol is like taking an aspirin – it is so acceptable we don’t question what it does when it goes in our body? That is…until we have […]

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What Does Our Body Get From Eating Meats?

This was the question I posed after listening to conflicting podcasts on what to eat to get the most out of each meal. Vegetarian/ Vegan Diets Benefits… Lower body mass index [21,22,29], lower coronary heart disease [19,30], lower hypertension [18,21], lower type 2 diabetes [15,21,23,28], lower metabolic syndrome [29] lower colon, gastrointestinal tract, prostate and overall cancer […]

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The Why of How Meditation Helps

We all want to feel relaxed and wish we had the time to meditate or at least zone out for a while each day. Is it worth the time and effort?  For us, we needed the proof that our efforts were going to produce concrete results if we were going to put our valuable time […]

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Improve Memory with Vinpocetine

Why is it that we believe that aging = memory loss? This belief is so prevalent that it seems that we just accept that at around our 30’s we will begin to forget where we put our keys, in our 40’s names of people we meet again, in our 50’s what we came into a […]

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Tinnitus Treatment and Cure

Do you suffer from constant buzzing or noises in your ears? The newest research shows that it may very well be “all in your head” or to be more precise…all in your brain not in your ears.  Most of us have experienced some form of ringing in the ears following a loud concert, excessive group […]

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5 Reasons Sugar Causes Cancer to Spread

Simply stated Sugar Feeds Cancer.   If you are worried about the cancer you currently have or the one your trying to avoid, you need to read this.      We came across this well researched article posted on the website, a website devoted to identifying the latest research and educating the public.   […]

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10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients

How many cancer protection nutrients are you eating? Science has proven that the following list of nutrients contain phytonutrients that protect, fight and even cure our bodies of cancer. These foods and drinks help our mitochondria (the energy sectors of every cell in our body) retain and rebuild healthy cells, thus eliminating our chances for […]

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5 Ways to Get Healthy Cholesterol Levels

You know the scene…your doctor tells you your cholesterol is too high. Panic sets in. Unknown what to do. Medication for life? Change in lifestyle?  Diet? Life is over as you’ve known it….. Not so fast. Yes, the diagnosis of too high cholesterol does dictate that you will need to change some things, but gaining the understanding […]

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Moringa for Protein and Performance

Cauliflower Moment:  Protein Comes from Meat and Dairy…. We have now found a plant that is a much better way to get your protein and along with essential amino acid and with the added benefit of giving you: Protein: 2 grams. Vitamin B6: 19% of the RDA. Vitamin C: 12% of the RDA. Iron: 11% […]

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