Our purpose is dedication to deciphering the truth. We do the reading, researching, taste testing and biohacking – and give you the results in an easy to understand format with links to the contributors for further investigation. We stick by our sugar free, gluten free, free from harmful oils, free from negativity motto to promote longevity and a life free from disease.

Searching for what to eat, when to eat it, and how to keep fit is one confusing mess of opinions. 

We are researchers, professionals, bio-hackers and average people with intense curiosity and a passion to determine the truth behind health, nutrition and fitness.

After years of assuming that what we were being told was right, yet still gaining weight, feeling tired and getting sick, we started questioning everything. Triggered by high blood pressure diagnosis, random aches and pains and increasing weight gain, it started a series of questions and bio-hacking on ourselves that has led us to a number of realizations. We call them our “Cauliflower Moments”.
Each time we question an assumption, we learn that what we thought all along was true was not and that many of the things we were doing were pushing us farther from optimal health. We just believed it because that’s what the media, the “experts”, or others we knew had told us was the truth.
Cauliflower is a perfect example…Thought we hated it. It smelled bad and had a strange texture. Now after years of holding on to this misconception we tried Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. Wow! with one taste we reversed a long held (and false) belief. We now think cauliflower is the best thing ever…and it’s amazingly healthy, too!

So what makes us different? We relentlessly (and yes some same obsessively) research all scientific studies, expert opinions and media aspects on a topic, narrowing down the information to what the data shows are the facts. Then we bio-hack (big term for try it on ourselves) the data to determine the results on a varied panel of “normal” people. We keep data on blood levels, insulin levels, ketones, water weight gain (inflammation), energy output, sleep, digestion…..Yes, we do get both some good and some not so good results from these tests…but the outcome gives us a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 

Why do we do this? Because we want to live long, disease free, intelligent, healthy lives…and we want this for everyone else in the world, too. There are some great researchers, writers and speakers on the internet – we just want to help you find them.  

What are Your Cauliflower Moments?
Join us as we will be questioning everything and assuming nothing. Our goal is to discover what works and what doesn’t in health, nutrition and fitness.  

Miracles – No. Right Nutrition – Yes.

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