Cauliflower Moment…the “mid-ages” is a time when you finally feel like you are getting your life together …and then your body starts falling apart…….continued


All this research and what was the conclusion?

After researching more after our “feel good” article, we learned that if a woman has ovaries, progesterone helps them to regulate themselves and their hormone production. It helps to restore normal functioning of the thyroid and other glands. If her ovaries have been removed, progesterone should be taken consistently to replace the lost supply. Progesterone has even been used to treat some types of cancer. 


Our Journey to the truth…


With all the signals our bodies were giving us pointing to our hormonals being out of balance – from the obvious – irregular periods, bloating, cramping, moodiness, low libido… to the not so obviously connected – cold hands/feet, frequent urination, difficulty getting pregnant, hair and nails becoming dry and brittle, forgetfulness...you would think we would be aware that something was seriously off balance in our systems. Not the case.

With trying to be a good wife, mother, provider and chef, we just felt like this was the way we were supposed to be feeling at this time in our lives. As years passed and symptoms became more obvious we became concerned, asked a few questions, did a little research…and still accepted it as just being the status quo. Why? because all of the other women (and many men) around us were going thru the same feelings and body changes.

Wow! were we entirely wrong! Perimenopause, menopause and man-opause are not normal occurrences  AND  furthermore we should feel fantastic, full of energy and have even smarter minds during this change in our body time.


Our quest for the solution:


I, we, tried creams, lotions, pills of both estrogen and progesterone for varied lengths of time. Then we went out and asked the questions –

  • what’s helped you with regulating your hormones?
  • How do you feel?
  • How long did it last?

What we found was that the estrogen was only helpful if it was in a natural form and supplemented with additional natural progesterone. BUT it lost its effectiveness and symptoms began reoccurring after a few months which could be very likely due to the excess of estrogen building up in our systems and foods.

Progesterone creams initially helped for some symptoms but also lost their effectiveness even when the doses were dramatically increased. We learned that these creams do not penetrate deeply enough to get into our blood stream where they are needed to effect our hormonal pathways.


What worked Amazingly for me/ us?

htb-valuesSomeone asked me what the one thing was that I would not ever give up – My answer was my Progesterone! ….and here’s why

I had hit the point of total frustration with the sudden weight gain in my waistline, back and thighs, the forgetfulness, the moodiness, and my constant feeling of stomach/uterus discomfort.

All these symptoms I knew were attributed to my hormones changing…all the other symptoms I checked off in the first article, I had no idea were related to my low levels of progesterone, high estrogen levels and messed up thyroid. To be honest I didn’t even realize how much my hormones were out of whack until I got them checked. Parenthood, working, exercising, dieting, stress from life, poor diet, over exposure to plastics and pesticides, and I could go on with more, all were creating a situation of stress leading to estrogen dominance with very low progesterone levels.


My body was giving me signals all along but I wasn’t understanding the “warning lights”. 

I/ We listened to experts, researched articles, read excerpts from many doctors, talked with countless women and men about how to regulate and balance hormones. Progesterone creams were promoted as effective and safe; I tried three different brands with varied strengths. I saw some promising results with the creams, relaxation techniques and diet changes, but none were that dramatic and I had to use much more than suggested to get any changes.  

I began taking Dr. Peat and Dr. Lee’s form of progesterone, called Progest E, about 6 months ago. Immediately I knew it was making changes!

First of all symptoms began disappearing – no longer cold, hot flashes reduced, stomach discomfort subsiding, sleeping better, brain waking up, feeling of happiness staying with me, energy returning, etc.


Next body change – my periods began to cycle again (that was a surprise!), and I began the “slothing” process as I termed it. My body began to get rid of old endometrial lining that had been created by my excess estrogen and low levels of progesterone. Because I am very aware that all cancers begin from inflammation, I was more than happy to have my body clean itself out. This went on for a few weeks, but to my surprise I continued to feel better, more energetic and happier every day.

Finally it all calmed down and I continue to feel fantastic, have no menopause symptoms, have skin, hair and nails that are getting younger every day, and have a waistline that has slowly went back to its normal state, and …best of all…have my memory and sense of well-being back.


We all had an extensive blood panel completed and I am ecstatic to share that my estrogen has reduced back down to its normal levels and my progesterone is up 200 percent!  


How does it work? 

Why this form of natural progesterone (Progest E) works better is that the creams do not penetrate deeply enough into the tissues to get into our bloodstreams. When progesterone is dissolved in vitamin E, it begins entering the blood stream almost as soon as it contacts any membrane, such as the lips, tongue, gums, or palate, but when it is swallowed, it continues to be absorbed as part of the digestive process. When taken with food, its absorption occurs at the same rate as the digestion and absorption of the food.

life goodLet me just say two things: First, I don’t get any sponsorship or payment from this company. I pay full price for it just like everyone else. Second, we have come to the realization that there are a lot of mistruths and misconceptions on the internet that you, too, may have to sift thru and try out before you come to your own best strategy. I know the frustration and lower self esteem that comes from losing control over our bodies, and the deep sense of self-understanding that comes from regaining that control (often thru our own trial and error).

We, at HTB Lifestyle, are all deeply committed to helping you find what works to make your life and body healthy and stress-free. Life is amazingly wonderful when you feel good! 

Please consult your doctor or homeopathic practitioner before you make changes to your hormone intake. Read or listen to Dr. Ray Peat or Dr Lee’s websites, and try not to get frustrated by the deceptive articles promoting progesterone as a harmful substance. In its natural state, it’s our bodies “feel good” hormone.   Share your stories, your concerns and your questions with us. We would love to help you feel better, too.