Cauliflower Moment…the “mid-ages” is a time when you finally feel like you are getting your life together …and then your body starts falling apart…….continued

If you have young children, are planning to have children or have grandchildren this news is scary.

Estrogen dominance is now so common place in our society we see symptoms starting as early as 9 years old. Girls and boys are beginning puberty too early and scientific evidence conclusively demonstrates that this leads to health problems and much higher cancer rates later in There’s a really good article on the studies conducted in this area and what to do to protect your child’s future health here


What are some other effects of estrogen dominance?

In our previous article we shared how our hormones become imbalanced. In this next section we will share the symptoms or body signals that make you aware of the fact that your hormones are not balanced and what these mean for your health and livelihood.

Signs of Estrogen Dominance in Women and Girls:


    • Abdominal bloating (had it – hated it)
    • Unexplained and undeserved weight gain (wow I gained 20lbs in 3 months!)
    • Blood Sugar irregularities (food cravings! Sweets and chocolate!)
    • Low energy/ low libido (felt tired and lazy more often – not making excuses, really didn’t feel like having sex)
    • PMS/ mood swings (not even going to admit to this one)
    • Forgetfulness, difficulty focusing (yes! So frustrating!)
    • Hypertension (not a problem yet, but did get dizzy and have restless legs)
    • Difficulty Sleeping all night (woke up often every night with my mind spinning – tired all day long)
    • Night sweats and/or hot flashes (yuck! Sheets drenched, putting air on and off)
    • Breast tenderness, cysts, cancer (painful and scary on all counts)
    • Hyperplasia, fibroids and/or heavy periods (such a painful, inconsistent, embarrassing mess!)card
    • Swollen feet, cold hands and feet (yes, yes, yes)
    • Dry hair, skin, nails (add – hair loss and graying, wrinkles and thinning nails)
    • Arthritis and/or inflamed, painful joints (every prior injury decided to make itself present)
    • Migraines/ headaches (the worst because they came so frequently)
    • Increased allergies both sinus and skin (had rashes, sneezing, sensitivity to foods and increased colds)
    • Depression (it wasn’t all in my mind – it was a hormonal effect)
  • Miscarriage when estrogen is high and progesterone is low 
  • Infertility (it took 5 years and doses of Clomid to get pregnant)
  • Cancers of the breast and uterus (was this next for me?)

Signs of Estrogen Dominance in Men and Boys:

  • Hair loss
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Prostrate problems/ cancers
  • Lowered libido
  • Impotency
  • Abnormal mammary tissue growth – “man boobs”
  • Increased altered gender identity/ sexual orientation
  • Earlier puberty/ increased mood swings
  • Depression
  • Weight gain – especially in “female areas”


Before we guide you to our next article about what we did and what you can do…just realize that our bodies were made to continually return to a state of homeostasis. Its all a matter of taking off some of the overload on our hormones and adding in what’s missing for our bodies to take over and get us right back on the path to healthfulness.

Start making your life great today. We started small and changed the easy things first. As we saw and felt positive changes – we added something else to our “heal-the-body” list.

In our next article What is progesterone’s “feel good” role?” we will share more about progesterone and the truths behind this helpful hormone.