Health Basic

Intelligence in it's design!

  • Can’t alter physiology with chemicals
  • Misliving our lives is the threat
  • All Medications slow or stop metabolic processes = Bad!
  • Thenol only suppresses!
  • Body will reproduce it self, no matter, what, have it rebuild healthy
  • Change how your brain news your body!
  • The whiten the bread, sooner you are dead!

Brain, Body, All Healthy

  • 1Lb. of fat = 1 mile of extra blood vessels
  • What are eat is largest cause of death today!
  • If it has more than 5 ingredients and/or ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • If comes in can, box, microwave container, not health for you!
  • Mineral deficiencies drive 2/3 or health problems today!
  • Nothing passes lips that injures endophilia cells
  • Absence of disease does not mean you are healthy!


Take Judgement out or Decisions!

  • Eat fat get thin!

  • Foods that heal

  • If man makes it, don’t eat it

  • Food becomes you!

  • Only organic/grass fed/pasture raised

  • No GMO foods

  • No Gluten

  • No roundup/glyphosate = others!

  • No plastic – BPA/BPS etc.

  • Beer plays big role in fat it generates uric acid…

Let’s of studies show elevated uric acid leads to many diseases!! + triggers enzymes then convert carbs to fat!