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Is Milk Good For You?

Should we be drinking milk to have better health? Or is milk actually the cause of health problems? This is the question asked so commonly that every month a new study or review comes out in the news.  We will start by sharing how difficult it was to uncover the truth about milk’s healthfulness for […]

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13 Anti-Aging Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

We are redefining aging from “growing older” to “the ultimate disease” . Wonderful part is that effects of aging are not inevitable, not painful, and completely reversible! In this article we are excited to share our latest research on Black Cumin Seeds – potentially the best anti-aging source on the market today and something we […]

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Check out our newest recipe - Chewy, Chocolaty, Fudge Brownies!

These are the best tasting sugar-free, gluten-free, healthy-for-you brownies we have made yet! They have crispy chocolate edges and a gooey fudge brownie center that will make you swear your eating something so “bad”…but they are really so good for you with clean ingredients and the added nutrition of sweet potatoes. Click here for the […]

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Studies Show We Need to Eat a Ketogenic Diet

Science has proven that eating a ketogenic diet significantly lengthens your life span, reduces your inflammation, increases your energy and reverses/ rids your life of disease. Primary worry is that it is too hard of an eating plan to follow – but those on it share a much different view. Most state its much easier […]

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6 Proven Steps to Reverse the Aging Process

Are you aging quicker than you would like? Is your energy level less than before? Does your skin have more wrinkles, dryness and unevenness? Is your blood pressure rising?  We could go on and on with the list of symptoms that signal that your body and cells are aging. Problem is that although we all […]

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5 Steps to Getting More Energy

We all want and need all the energy we can get to complete what we need to do each day. Problem is that there are days when we wake and it seems our bodies didn’t get the memo. We feel sluggish, foggy-brained, achy and just don’t have the energy we need to face the day. […]

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Kombucha - The What? Why? and How?

Cauliflower Moment:  We assumed Kombucha was some very obscure drink that wouldn’t taste good!  Pushing past our BVI’s and assumptions, we asked “What Else Could we Know About it?”  Our pursuit of right information lead us to uncover an amazingly nutritious Elixir for the body. Kombucha is an age-old fermented tea drink that has been around (in […]

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Earthing & Grounding Anti-Aging Effects

What is Earthing/ Grounding? Earth’s surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. When we are insulated from the Earth, that is, ungrounded, all these frequencies can confuse the electrons of your body and interfere with normal electron transfer activity going on in the body. Scientific research suggests that this […]

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Stronger Core Equals Less Neck Pain

Ever have one of those nagging headaches that welcomes you every morning and stays in the background throughout your day. It makes you grumpy, on edge and just plain tired. I had chronic headaches that started after one of my “doing too much” weekends and it reoccurred every time I did anything that required any […]

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Lift Weights To Build Your Bones, Blood and Brain

This is our third article in this series on exercise science. Read our second article “High Intensity Interval Training-Easier-Effective-Burns More Fat” if you missed it. Most of us think of lifting weights primarily to get bigger, stronger muscles. Well that’s good and true, but it’s not enough to keep you motivated to go to to the […]

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