almonds raw vs pasture

Cauliflower momentI thought almonds were a healthy snack…but profits can change products from good to bad as quickly as a dollar can be spent. 

Never thought about asking questions about something I thought was so healthy to eat..but now I do..Are Almonds  Healthy and Safe?

Our almonds could very possibly be sprayed with PPO..say what?

S0 what form of almonds ARE healthy? 

A few facts I learned about PPO and Pasteurization:

Propylene-Oxide-ChemicalFirst, 80% of almonds globally are grown in California… and most organic almonds aren’t raw or unpasteurized…

Follow this logic: Between 2001-2004 33 people fell Ill to Salmonella… so, 2007.. The following was passed: the State of California’s Almond Board, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, proposed an industry-wide “mandatory sterilization” rule for almonds, even those grown organically. The Almond Board declared various methods of pasteurization to be adequate: oil roasting, dry roasting, blanching, steam processing, irradiation, and the use of propylene oxide (PPO).

Wait, What!!! My fresh..healthy natural food is treated with Propylene Oxide?

Do you have any idea what this stuff is? OMG…a known carcinogen

The other forms of pasteurization have their own health issues.almonds raw vs pasture

  1. First the cooking of the almonds causes a reduction of nutrient content
  2. Second steaming them, sounds reasonable…But, it’s not. In this process, the almonds are exposed to steam for 8 seconds at 210-215 degrees F. For the next 44 seconds, they are moved through a high-heat dehydration tunnel, removing the moisture resulting from the steam. The temperature of the circulating air is 391- 395 degrees F. The almonds themselves reach the temperature of 220 degrees F. 
  3. Lots of issues with this…. flavonoids found in their skin are reduced. The reduction of over twenty potent antioxidants is estimated at between 30%-70%. Enzymes are destroyed, vitamin content is diminished, proteins are denatured, beneficial bacteria are killed, and the growth of pathogens is encouraged.
  4. As well, heat oxidizes the omega-3 fatty acids in almonds, potentially turning them rotten and creating free radicals that are suspected of playing a role in the development of a host of degenerative medical problems, including cancer.
  5. Studies also show that heating almonds creates potentially harmful levels of acrylamide, a byproduct of the amino acid asparagine. Acrylamide is a chemical known to cause cancer, and/or reproductive toxicity leading to birth defects and other manifestations of reproductive harm., instead of natural goodness…we are getting chemicals like PPO, the creation of Acrylamide and loss of nutrients…All unknowingly in our healthy snacks. Truly amazing.

So what form of almonds ARE healthy? 

Organic, Raw, Non-Pasteurized is the best way to consume this tasty treat.

I could go on and on…but, the bottom line, to truly get the minerals and natural goodness the way nature intended it you need organic, raw unpasteurized almonds.

We have found these organic raw almonds from to be the best…Imported from Spain and certified organic. Best part is the more you buy, the less you pay per pound.     Buy bulk nuts, snack mixes, dried fruits, candies & sweets by the pound at!

To try these almonds in a few things we make..try these recipes Almond Milk and Almond Butter, or search our data base for other almond recipes 

On the surface, these Almonds will seem more expensive..but do you really want to ingest Propylene Oxide while you eat your almonds?

almond sprayerConsidering that close to 70% of the Almonds are treated with PPO, that’s not a choice I’m willing to make. We feel pure goodness and our long-term health is worth it. 

When I pay the price for something that’s good for me that seems expensive in the moment I remember my favorite quote of all time…

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the excitement of cheap price”

When it comes to your nutrition…Poor Quality has huge ramifications over time.. Don’t cheap out..

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