We did the work for you!  We researched every ingredient in every product for safety, healthfulness,and nutritional value – these are the ones that made the cut. All Organic, All Clean, Best Quality, Best Pricing we could find.  Just click and you will be instantly directed to websites where you can get these products shipped directly to your home. We want to make eating healthy a easy, stress-free process. Click the lists below to move to the section you need, then enter the item in the search bar to find what you need:



These are the organic spices we use every day. We buy them in bulk from Starwest because they are a company that offers high quality/ high nutrient organic products, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. They consistently test and monitor their authenticity in their in-house laboratory. We store them in labeled, glass canning jars. You could also seal them in airtight BPA free bags with a Food Saver or something similar. The price is much cheaper this way and because they are dehydrated they can keep for a very long time without losing their flavor or nutrients. If you like to buy smaller sizes just scroll down the selection on the left and choose your size.
SpicesStarwest Bulk/ Bottle  What is it used for?
Allspicewhole, powder, bulkused in Caribbean cuisine, jerk seasoning, pickling spices, curry powders, desserts and cakes, and also has an analgesic effect and digestive aid.
black peppercoarse, medium, fineMalabar and Tellicherry pepper varieties, robust flavor in foods, also helps with digestion, minerals, antibacterial, bloating, fat loss, respiratory disorders and anemia
cardamongreen whole, kosher organic wholeused in East Indian cuisine, curry dishes, chai tea. bread recipes, coffee and tea drinks. It also is a digestive stimulant, expectorant and stomachic.
cayenne peppervarious levels of heat / oiluses in spicing foods and relieves migraines, pain relief, prevents blood clots, detoxes body, relieves Joint and nerve pain, helps weight loss, anti-Irritant, boosts metabolism, psoriasis, prevents allergies and flu
chili powdermedium, salt free, hot mix of spices used to flavor Tex-Mex, Chinese and Thai foods, vegetables and has similar benefits to cayenne pepper
cinnamonsticks, extract, powdersused to sweeten both cold and hot foods, also is antioxidant, lowers inflammation, reduces insulin resistance, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, bacterial and fungal infections,
cuminwhole, powderused in Tex-Mex, Middle Eastern and Indian foods, roasts, beans, meats, sauces and dressings, also for diuretic, digestion and aphrodisiac
curryorganic, sweet, saltlessused in marinades, sauces, stews, vegetables, eggs, lamb, chicken, also for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, pain, inflammation, bone health, immune system, and liver
garliccapsules, granules, powder, minced, saltless used in meat, vegetable, pasta, marinade and dressing recipes, also for immune system, antioxidant, heart health, inflammation, food poisoning, splinter, athletes foot, mosquitoes, infections
gingerextract, chunks, capsules, powder, oilused in both sweet and savory dishes, deserts, drinks, and sauces, also for cancer, Alzheimer’s, digestion, IBS, gas, heartburn, weight loss, insulin resistance, muscle soreness, morning sickness, arthritis, asthma, circulation, frostbite, motion sickness, pain, sinus, sex drive, immune system
Hymalayan saltcoarse, fineused like regular salt, also for detoxiying, balances pH, hydration, trace minerals, muscle cramps, blood sugar, hormone balance, blood pressure, Improves sleep by 00supporting blood sugar and hormone balance, improves sleep, antihistamine, weight loss, thyroid, and adrenal function
Italian seasoningorganic saltlessused for spaghetti sauce, meat marinades, cooked vegetables, beef, veal, pork, chicken, butter spread, dressings and dips
lemon pepperorganic saltlessused on seafood, chicken, dips, spreads, grilled or steamed vegetables
oniongranules, minced, powder, choppedused on breading, chicken, fish or onion rings, potatoes, Tex-Mex foods, eggs, beans, dip, spread, beef, rubs, marinades, barbecue, fish, broth, also for immunity, infection, blood sugar, infections, atherosclerosis, prostatitis, cystitis, cancer and blood pressure
oreganooil, dried, powderused in marinara sauce, pizza, salad, dressings, marinades, vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, chicken, beef, turkey, eggs also for anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, respiratory, cancer, bloating, allergies, fatigue
paprikapowder, smoked, smoked hotused in sauces, marinades, dressings, seafood, chicken, nuts, beef, breading, potatoes and vegetables, eggs, also for antioxidant, heart health, blood, eye health, arthritis, energy, metabolism
red pepperorganic flakessame use and benefits as cayenne pepper
rosemarywhole, powder, oilused for chicken, beef, stews, crackers, breads, sauces, dressings and marinades, also for excema, arthritis, antibacterial, dandruff, mice and bug deterrent, digestion
sageleaf, powder, whole, oilused for sausages, beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, fish, stuffing, sauces, also for bacterial and fungal disease, Alzheimers, sore throat and cough, nervous system and memory
sea saltfine, flaked, coarse, from different areas/ flavorsused for most cooking to enhance flavors, also for electrlyte balance, minerals, thyroid, dehydration, hormones
thymepowder, leaf, oilused for sautéing, vegetables, gravies, eggs, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, marinade, sauce, potatoes, stews, broth, soup, also for bedwetting, diarrhea, stomach ache, arthritis, colic, sore throat, cough, bronchitis, flatulence, diuretic
turmericsliced, powder, capsule, extractused in middle eastern and African foods, curries, mustards, grains, teas, also for inflammation, IBS, arthritis, fibrosis, cancers, leukemia, liver, cardiovascular, Alzheimers, cholesterol, colds and flu
Jamaican jerk seasoningorganic saltlessused to flavor Caribbean dishes with a blend of brown mustard, chili flakes, garlic, and other spices
ginsengred, white, powderused in soups, teas ands sweeter dishes, also for energy, blood sugar, cholesterol, stress, relaxation, diabetes, sexual dysfunction in men


We use only oils that meet the safety standards for heating and storing. With these oils, health benefit is our primary factor, followed by long and short term safety and then best taste. Feeding our brains and bodies healthy fats is foremost to developing strong, vibrant and disease free bodies and minds. We hope this list of recommended oils helps you to find what works for you. We welcome your recommendations for other products we can test.
OilsVitacostAmazonOtherWhy This Brand
hemp oilVitacost Organic iconNutiva Organic Non-GMO, organic, cold-pressed, omega-3, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)
oil spray dispenserThe Fine Life MisterBest tested sprayer - doesn't clog, keeps long term mist, consistent spray, durable
olive oil sprayMantova Organic Spray iconLa Tourangelle OrganicNo preservatives, additives, gas propellants, CFCs, organic, use only for lower temp cooking
coconut nonstick sprayWinona Pure SprayOrganic, non GMO, cold pressed, no soy lecithin, no gas propellants, CFCs,
grass fed butter, saltedKerrygold Saltedunrefined, produced from grass fed cows, also at Safeway/ Raleys
grass fed butter, unsaltedKerrygold Unsaltedunrefined, produced from grass fed cows, best price at Costco
grass fed gheeTava Organic Salted iconPure Traditions Grass-Fedcooks at high temps, little adds amazing flavor and healthy fats
avocado oilAmerilo's Organicextra virgin, USDA certified organic and non-GMO, cold pressed, unrefined
almond oilFlora Organic Hydro-Therm iconSky Organics 100% Pureorganic, cold pressed, undiluted, chemical free, no additives
sesame oilNapa Valley Organic iconKevala Organic ToastedOrganic, Toasted, Unrefined, Cold Pressed, glass bottle, No GMOs
coconut oilVitacost Extra Virgin iconViva Labs OrganicUnrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil
USDA certified organic, kosher and gluten free
Non-GMO project verified. Free of pesticides, bleach, hexane and trans fats.
olive oilvitacost organic iconBragg Organic Non GMO, first cold pressed, glass bottle, unrefined, organic, unfiltered (Costco's good too)
jojoba oilArtNaturals Organic100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Organic,
XCT oil

Baking and Making

These are the items we currently use for all our making, baking and cooking. We have researched, compared them against competitors and taste tested them all. Our variables were best taste, highest nutritional content, safest ingredients and most economical cost. Initially changing to healthier varieties may cost a bit - its risk vs gain. What you pay for good , safe products (minimizing the risks) - you gain in improved health and vitality. Please share comments with us on other recommendations you have.
BakingVitacostAmazonOtherWhy This Brand
almond butterVitacost Organic Toasted iconLiving Tree OrganicOnce Again Organicbest taste, good sale price, organic, GMO verfied, unsalted
almond flour blanchedOrganic BlanchedWhile you can make this yourself for a lower cost...we also agree it is so much easier to just buy it. The benefit of this type is that it has a lighter color and texture due to the blanching that makes desserts look and taste just like "real" flour. We love to use it to bake our cakes, breads and desserts. Keeps well if sealed closed.
almond flour rawReal Food Raw iconRaw Organicvitacost - in a pinch
nuts.com - best price/ product
arrowroot powderStarwest Botanicals iconAnthony's Organic Pureorganic processing, good price
baking powderBob's Red Mill iconRumford Aluminium Freetrusted company, aluminum free
baking sodaDr Clark's Aluminum Freegood company, aluminum free
black tea bagsNewmans Organic iconNumi Organic Breakfast Blendsafe processing, trusted company, good for kombucha
unsweetened bar
Scharffen-Berger iconGhirardelli Unsweetenedpricier, but worth it for the rich taste
cacao nibsVitacost Cacao Nibs iconViva Labs Organicorganic, nonGMO, great taste, can be substitute for nuts
cashew butterOnce Again Organic iconJiva Organics RawOnce Again Organicbest taste, good sale price, organic, GMO verfied, unsalted
chocolate chipsLily's Baking Chips iconLC Foods Sugar Freesugar free, closest to homemade taste
cocoa powderFrontier Natural Organic iconAnthony's Ortganicorganic, safe processing, best price per ounce
coconut flourVitacost Organic
Coconut Secret Organicorganic, raw, bpa free, good price
cream of tartarFrontier Co-op iconFrontier Natural safe farming, non GMO, Non-ETO,
erythritolVitacost 3lb iconReal Foods Powderbest price per ounce, safe processing, causes little to no insulin level changes, if this upsets your stomach use xylitol
flaked coconutLet's Do Organic iconAnthony's Organic Unsweetenedorganic, unsweetened, sulfite free, best price
glucomannan powderNow Foods Powder iconNow Foods Capsulesfound better price for the powder
green tea bagsAlvita Organic iconNumi Organic Gunpowdersafe processing, non chlorinated bags, high quality plants used
konjac flourMiracle Noodle Flour iconMiracle Noodle Flourhigh fiber, very low carb
liquid smoke flavorColgin Natural Hickory iconWright's Natural Hickory best price per ounce, good natural taste
maple extractOlive Nation Pure Extract
pumpkin cannedFarmers Market Organic iconFarmer's Market Organicorganic, creamy, great taste, BPA free can, GMO verified
stevia - berrySweet Leaf Berry iconSweet Leaf Berryvoted best tasting
stevia - dark chocBetter Stevia Dk Chocolate iconNow Foods Dk Chocolatevoted best tasting
stevia - orangeSweetLeaf Valencia Orange iconSweet Leaf Valencia Orangevoted best tasting
stevia - toffeeBetter Stevia English Toffee iconBetter Stevia English Toffeevoted best tasting
stevia - vanillaSweet Leaf Vanilla Creme iconSweet Leaf Vanilla Creme
voted best tasting
stevia dropsVitacost Stevia iconBetter Stevia dropsbest price, use very little
stevia powderBetter Stevia Powder iconFrontier Natural Powderorganic, trusted company, good taste
teff flourMaskal Teff Ivory This is anewer flour that we have added and have been very impressed with. Its low carb count along with its delicious light taste and texture make it ideal for all baking needs. It does cost a bit more but we are on the hunt for a discounted supplier. Very nutritious and delicious - a must add!
vanilla extractVitacost Pure Organic iconSimply Organic ExtractNon-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, good price
xanthan gumNow Real Food iconBob's Red Mill best price, trusted company, use so little
black bean pastaExplore Asian OrganicWhile this pasta does have a higher carb count, it makes up for this with higher fiber, protein and many beneficial nutrients. It has a denser texture that we like for the occasional "real" pasta meal feel.
shiratake noodlesMiracle Noodle Variety PackYes! This type of noodle smells when you open the bag - but just rinse and heat them to remove the water from the noodles and the smell goes away. They have almost zero carbs so they are the perfect kewtogenic pasta to use for all your favorite meals. Plus they come in different types and shapes and can keep for long times in the refrigerator.
cocoa butterSaaquin Unprocessed OrganicThis is a very good source for organically grown cocoa butter that wotrks amazing in chocolates and other treats. It stays hard at room temperature which helps to hold the candies together.
nonstick spray coconut oilTrader Joe's Organicgood price, organic, product works well for baking and cooking
nonstick spray avocadoLa Tourangelle Spraygreat for high temperatures, organic, use on BBQ and frying
xylitol sweetenerNOW Foods Xylitol Natural Sweetener Powder - 1 lbbest sugar substitute made from natural ingredients that have no insulin level reactions - but tastes and cooks like regular sugar
Kombucha clear bottles, brush and funnelKombucha Bottles with Funnel + Brush + PenWe use these bottles to store our Kombucha in after it's flaqvors develop to where we like them. Great non-leaking, easy-open caps, dishwasher clean-up, brush included to clean any residue, fun to share drinks and start conversations with 🙂
Kombucha SCOBYKombucha Organic SCOBY You can use any SCOBY as long as it is organic and from a reputable company or person. We used this company for a few with good results. You only need to buy it once because SCOBYs grow and reproduce "babies" with each batch that can be used for a second fermentation jar or given away to friends.
cane sugarWholesome Organic Cane Sugar, 2 lbWe use this organic sugar for making our Kombucha drinks. You can use any brand but this one is well priced for the amount you get. Seal the bag and it will last a very long time. No worries about adding it to the Kombucha -it all gets "eaten up" in the fermentation process causing no rise in insulin levels when you drink it.
Kombucha glass fermentation jarGlass Drink Dispenser, 2 gallonWe recommend getting the larger 2 gallon size because you need to save some Kombucha to use as a starter for your next batch. This leaves less to drink up. We use the 3 gallon size because we drink it every day - but it can get heavy to move around. Jars also come in smaller 1 gallon sizes if this poses a problem - just make sure to get one with a spout to make dispensing the liquid much easier and neater.
cheese cloth100% Cotton CheeseclothWe use a small square of this to cover the Kombucha as it ferments. It needs to still allow the mixture to breathe so that it doesn't mold so buy one that is thin mesh. You can also pick this up at most stpres but make sure it is made of unbleached cotton (and organic if you can find it?). It can be washed and used over again, but be careful not to use organic soap and no bleach to ensure a good Kombucha fermentation.
green teaNumi Organic Green TeaWe use this or other similar brands for making our Kombucha. You need more green tea than black in the mixture so you are better off to buy in quantity to get te best price. Look for a brand that is organically grown and non GMO to get the best health benefits
black teaNumi Organic Black TeaWe use this or other similar brands for making our Kombucha. You need less black tea than green in the mixture so you do not need to buy it in large quantity. Look for a brand that is organically grown and non GMO to get the best health benefits
nutritional yeastBRAGG Nutritional Yeast, 4.5 oz">
Air FryerPhilips Airfryer, Black">
Birch Bender Pancake MixBirch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix, Paleo, Pack of 3">

Liquids & Condiments

These are liquids and condiments you will need to make the products on our site, or to promote healthy meals. Many you can make yourself for much lower cost and much higher nutrients...but it does take time that many of us just don't have. That's why these companies ship directly to your door for little to no additional cost! We made these product choices by following our guidelines for no sugar, no gluten, no GMOs, no harmful oils, and no harmful additives, colors or fillers. Feel free to send us more ideas of products that fit these categories to review.
LiquidsVitacostAmazonBulletProofWhy This Brand
chicken brothImagine Food Free Range iconImagine Free RangeOrganic, Free Range, No Added MSG, No additives, non GMO, Organic
Gluten Free
apple cider vinegarBraggs Raw Unfiltered iconViva Naturals live culture "mother", Organic
Non-GMO, raw unpasteurized, no preservatives, unfiltered
beef brothKettle Fire Grass Fed iconKettle & Fire GrassFedPasture Raised, Grass Fed Bones, Organic Vegetables, High Protein, Gluten Free, No Artificial Ingredients
ketchup unsweetenedWestbrae Unsweetened iconWESTBRAE Unsweetened Ketchup 13 fl oz (Pack of 2)">organic, no sugar, pure ingredients, thinner consistency
kombucha drinkGT'S Enlightened Lavendermore expensive online due to shipping, reputable company, pure ingredients, live culture
apple cider drink, berryBraggs Pomegranate Goji Berry iconBragg Pomegranate/Goji gluten free, pure and natural, apple cider, low natural sugar, probiotic
mustard dijonAnnie's Organic iconAnnie's Organic organic ingredients, tastes great, no additives or sugar
mustard yellowWoodstock Organic Yellow iconAnnie's Homegrownorganic, no additives or colors, natural ingredients
green matcha teaMatchaDNA Organicnot irradiated, tested for metals, organic, 100% pure, BPA free
coffee ground
coffee beans
coconut aminosCoconut Secret Organic
apple cider drink, gingerBraggs Ginger Spice iconBragg Ginger Spice gluten free, pure and natural, apple cider, no sugar, probiotic
barbecue sauce hickory mapleNature's Hollow Hickory Maplesugar free, all natural, organic, gluten free, no additives,(cheaper to make yourself 🙂
barbecue sauce honey mustardNature's Hollow Honey Mustardsugar free, all natural, organic, gluten free, no additives,(cheaper to make yourself 🙂
red wine vinegarSpectrum Naturals iconAcetum with the 'Mother'organic, no pesticides, naturally fermented, no additives
pomegranate juice concentrateVitacost Pure Concentrate iconLakewood Concentrate100% Pure Pomegranate Juice, high polyphenols, no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors or artificial coloring, BPA free
rice vinegarMaruken Organic iconMarukan Organic Whiteorganic rice, filtered water, safe processing, tastes great
almond milkSo Delicious Organic UnsweetenedNew Barn Almond Milk (Whole Foods Market),
other good ones - Califia Farms (www.califiafarms.com) - or make it yourself
coconut milkNative Forest Classic iconNative Forest Classicgluten free, BPA free can, organic, no additives or fillers, minimal natural guar gum used, no sugar
lime juiceLakewood Fresh Pressed iconSanta Cruz Purecold pressed, real fresh limes, organic, GMO and gluten free, not from concentrate
teriyaki sauce, garlic sauceCoconut Secret Sauce iconCoconut Secret Bundle PkNo cane sugar (coconut nectar), Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO
No MSG, Soy-Free, organic spices
hot sauceCholula Hot Sauce iconFrank's Red Hotall natural, additives, coloring or fillers, non GMO, gluten free, not too hot, full of flavor
lemon juiceLakewood Organic Pure iconSanta Cruz OrganicCold Pressed - Not from Concentrate
GMO Free
USDA Organic - Florida Organic Growers and Consumers
The Juice from Over 30 Fresh Lemons in Every Bottle

Choose Glass - Non-Toxic and BPA Free
MCT Coconut Oil
XCT Coconut OIl

Nuts & Seeds

Organic, Non-Pasteurized Products. Read our blog posts on nuts and seeds and why you need to be particular about which type you buy and eat. Nuts.com has the highest quality, highest nutrient, best tasting nuts. If you buy in bulk they are much cheaper than anywhere else. Great for using in baking, grinding for flours, dipping in chocolate, sprouting for mixing into milks or just plain snacking on. We are always surprised how quickly we use up the 25lb bags!
Nuts and SeedsVitacostAmazonNuts.comWhy This Brand
almond raw organicOrganic raw, bulkmonounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, riboflavin, magnesium, helps with weight loss
almond roasted, salteddry roasted, organic, saltedmonounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, riboflavin, magnesium, helps with weight loss
brazil nut raworganic, raw, no shellsource of selenium and 8 other amino acids in 2 per day
cashew rawraw, organic piecesprotects the cardiovascular system, source of minerals
cashew roasted, saltedorganic, whole, roasted, saltedprotects the cardiovascular system, source of minerals
chia seedorganic, raw, unprocessedOmega-3, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and high fiber, controls blood sugar, weight loss
flax mealcold mill ground, golden, organicreplaces eggs in baking, omega 3, lignans, antioxidant, high fiber, reduces cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases
hemp seedraw, organic, no shellhigh complete protein source, omega 3, vitamin E, iron, add to drinks/ recipes
macadamia nutorganic, raw, shelledexpensive but high in palmitoleic acid (aids fat metabolism), vitamin E, calcium, iron, potassium, fiber
pine nut raworganic, raw, no shelloleic acid (cardiovascular health), pinolenic acid (reduces appetite), protein, iron, vitamins, minerals
pumpkin seed raworganic, raw, no shellhigh protein, phosphorus, iron, fiber and zinc, alkaline forming food
pumpkin seed, roasted, saltedorganic, no shell, dry roasted, saltedhigh protein, phosphorus, iron, fiber and zinc, alkaline forming food
quinoaorganic, pre-rinsed, naturalcomplete protein and amino acids, 2x fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, iron
sesame seed hulledorganic, hulled, rawcalcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, protein, and tryptophan
sesame seed unhulledunhulled, organic, naturalcalcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, protein, and tryptophan
sunflower seed rawraw, hulled, organiccalcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, protein, tryptophan
sunflower seed roasted, salteddry roasted, organic, saltedcalcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, protein, tryptophan
walnut, rawraw, shelled, organicalpha-linolenic acid (ALA), antioxidants, manganese, copper, molybdenum, biotin


These are the vitamins we take daily or as necessary to stay healthy and youthful. Each has a specific use, a specific time of day for best absorption and a range of amount to take according to personal factors. This is for informational purposes and we do not advocate adding or changing your current medications until you clear it with your doctor or health care provider. We have made many adjustments over the past years, and likely will continue to do so to maintain optimal health. We can't share enough about how great we feel, how much consistent energy we have, how good our blood markers are and how rarely we ever get ill or run down...many attributed to the minerals and vitamins we add to every day to ensure we are getting all the nutritional requirements our bodies need. Sadly, we can't get all of our nutritional needs from our foods anymore even if we eat a perfectly organic diet. These supplements are readily absorbed, come from reputable companies, and are certified pure and safe. Please send us a comment if you have any other questions, concerns or recommendations.
VitaminsVitacostLife ExtensionSpecialty CompaniesWhat it is for?
Active 55 MineralsBuried Treasure Active 55 iconBuried Treasure Active 55 best combination of basic and trace minerals that we have found, can be used by all ages, readily absorbed, all natural, no additives, colors, or fillers. Take in the morning.
Alpha Lipoic AcidVitacost ALA & Carnitine iconpromotes cardiovascular health, protects against free radical damage, stabalizes blood pressure levels, reduces physical and mental fatigue, enhances vitamins C, E and CoQ10, Stimulates brain health, cognitive function and memory. Take in the morning.
AshwagandhaVitacost Extract iconadaptogen, or a type of supplement that helps the body and mind cope with occasional physical and mental stress by supporting a healthy mood. Take one in the morning, and one at night to help with sleep
AstragalusVitacost Extract iconadaptogen and restorative tonic that can help the body adapt to stress, rebalance metabolism and return the body to a sense of general well-being, also supports a healthy immune system and has anifungal and antitumor properties. Take in the morning - take extra thru day when sick
Brain OctaneTake 1-2 Tbsp. with morning coffee or tea.
collagen powder
Take one scoop after workouts or with your morning smoothie or cold drink
CoQ10/ UbiquinolVitacost Ubiquinol w/ kaneka iconUbiquinol is the most effective and best absorbed form of COQ10. After our 20's our bodies reduce the amount made every year. It stops premature aging and repairs DNA damage. Take with lunch meal.
DHEA Complete7 Keto DHEAafter age 25 declines with age, bioidentical, increases thermogenesis (fat burning), increases resting metabolic rate, antioxidants, boost mitochondrial oxidation, balances hormones. Take it in the morning.
Endothelial DefensePomegranate Complete and CORDIART™heart and blood health - rebuilds and supports the thin layer of cells lining the interior of the entire circulatory system, Cordiart improves dilation and circulation. Take it in the morning.
Enzymes w/ ProbioticsEnhanced Enzyme w/ Probioticshas protease, cellulase, and lipase which support digestion, balances PH, optimizes nutrient absorption, relieves digestive discomfort and bloating, 12 different enzymes, Take with meals, take extra if you eat poorly
Garlic capsulesDeodorized Ultra iconIt has antioxidant action and can boost the level of natural glutathione, an important cellular detoxifier.18-25 The compounds allicin, oligosulfides, A. ursinum and A. sativum found in garlic support healthy platelet function, For best blood and heart health take the Life Extension brand
GlutathioneJarrow L- Reduced icon
Hair, Skin & NailsCynatine HNS, VERISOL, Biotin, Siliconbioactive collagen peptides, solubilized keratin, zinc, copper, vitamins B3, B5 and B6, supports the strength, brightness and appearance of hair and nails, fomula collagen and keratin both able to be absorbed, Take in the morning
Krill OilKriaxanthin Antarctic Astaxanthin iconmy favorite source of omega-3 fats has been krill oil, researchers proven 100% antarctic krill oil is superior to fish oil, regulates fat and sugar metabolism, improves blood, brain, inflammation, cancer and heart, Take with lunch
L-ArginineOptimal Arterial HealthL-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide and is the most effective nutrient for improving the lining of your blood vessels, improve heart function and blood pressure, cellular functions, muscle mass development, erectile dysfunction, and congestive heart failure. Take it either morning or at lunch
Rhodiola Rosea
tumeric extract
Vascular Support
Vit B complex
Vit C lyposomal
Vit D3
Vit E tocopherols
vit E tocotrienol
Vit K complex
whey powder
XCT oil

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries and have amazing health-promoting properties. They can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, massaged, or taken internally in carrier oils or capsules. They have the ability to cleanse your body and life from harmful germs and bacteria, help with weight management by supporting healing in your body, balance hormones, improve digestion, alleviate pain and heal skin conditions. Our favorite benefit is that they are an ancient skin care secret that promote a clear-looking complexion, softening the appearance of signs of aging, and nurturing healthy hair and nails. They can also be used to create safer household cleaners and to rid your house of toxins in a healthy but effective way. Studies are increasing around the fact that they stimulate olfactory receptors (nose) and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind thereby curing many brain and nerve related disorders. Science (and we) are still learning about all their great benefits, but we are strong believers in their results. We have seen astounding changes, quick non-invasive healing and a gentleness that works with our natural body systems. We use Starwest Botanicals predominantly because of their trusted extraction methods and quality oils. Vitacost is a second choice for high quality and affordable prices. Must see our Finding Youth Face Oil recipe - we look 10 years younger!
Essential Oils/ Body CareVitacostStarwest BotanicalsOtherWhat it does for you?
carrot seed
cinnamon leaf
colloidal silver
evening primrose
horse chestnut
lemon balm
milk thistle
tea tree
vitamin E
witch hazel
ylang ylang
capsules, refillable
diffuser, plug in

Home & Body

These are all the products and devices we have incorporated into our healthy lifestyle over the past years. They range from things used in the kitchen, the bath items, beauty essentials, and laundry basics. To make the list they need to be safe, effective, efficient and time saving and be made from materials and/or ingredients that produce positive results. There are many other things we have tried that did not make this list - these are the ones we researched, used, loved and stuck with. As we find better products we will replace the items on this list with upgrades and improved items. Please feel free to send us your recommendations, too, and we will add them to our "to be tested" group. We love finding the best items for improving our health and extending our days.
Home & BodyVitacostAmazonOtherWhy This Product?
hair conditioner, ArganAcure Argan Stem Cell iconIt works miracles on my "use-to-be" dry, unmanageable, breaking hair! Shiny, soft, strong, beautiful. Tested tons - this won hands down. I mix it with Giovanni Silk Conditioner for the most amazing conditioner duo I have ever used!
Alitura Clay MaskAlitura Detoxifying ClayWe all can't say enough about the amazing cell rejuvenating, wrinkle minimizing, pore cleansing, and sun damage repairing that the ingredients in this mask provides! Only product over the past year that we say is safe, effective and completely worth the cost. We use it once a week mixed with cider vinegar.
castile soap, peppermintGlonaturals Peppermint iconWe use it in our bodywash recipe - no animal ingredients, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or fragrances, natural peppermint oil, olive oil, vitamin E, coconut oil & shea butter - best price
castile soap, unscented babyVitacost Globaby Unscented iconsafe, mild cleanser for baby’s skin, no animal ingredients, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or fragrances, natural olive oil, vitamin E, We use this in our hand soap dispenser and body wash recipe - coconut oil & shea butter - best price
laundry soap,Charlie's Powder iconAmazing cleaning ability - even removes old stains, bleeding of colors and ground in dirt. 2nd best thing...it is the hands down best (and safest) shower and bathtub scum cleaner! Just wiping it on and rinse and walls, doors and handles are clean. Makes sense...it removes grease and dirt from clothing.
elderberry extractVitacost Sambucus Ultra iconTake to prevent/ cure the flu, H1N1 "swine" flu, HIV/AIDS, immune system, sinus pain, back and leg pain (sciatica), nerve pain (neuralgia), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hay fever, and cancer
hair conditioner, silkGiovanni Silk iconFor some reason the combination of a little of this conditioner with the Acure Argan conditioner creates the most amazingly healthy, shiny and silky hair that I have ever had...and mine is colored, graying and wiry..so that's a lot to say!
Neti-salt (use with netipot)Himalayan Institute iconBest salt for use in a Neti Pot - no additives, just natural salt. No stinging or burning at all!
Neti-pot sinus flushNeti Wash Eco iconBest find ever! - clears nasal passages, improves breathing and sleeping, relieves allergies and alleviates sinus headaches and pressure...and all in a natural way that works with your body. Safest, nontoxic material
dishwasher detergentSeventh Generation Natural iconWorks amazing at cleaning, uses plant enzymes and natural soil removers, has plant derived water softeners to balance hard water, mineral & PH balancers to protect dishes and dishwasher, biodegradable, phosphate free, chlorine free and non-toxic
dish liquidSeventh Generation Lemongrass iconEasily removes grease and food particles, yet gently on my hands, plant enzymes and natural soil removers, has plant derived water softeners to balance hard water, biodegradable, phosphate free, chlorine free and non-toxic, great smell!
nasal decongestantSinuFix Decongestant iconIf the NetiPot doesn't help, this is the 2nd best for safe, natural, and effective sinus relief without dangerous chemicals. Relieves pressure, soothes dryness, relaxes irritated passages and can be used on children. Comes in 2 strengths
vegetable glycerinVitacost Organic iconWe use this in our body wash recipe. Organic, natural and pure.
wool dryer ballsEco Nuts King Size iconIf you can't make these yourself - see our post. then these are the next best ones because their larger size makes clothes softer, dry faster, and last longer. We love the way our towels are softer than before, and how large loads dry in way less time. Commmercial dryer sheets are toxic - these are safe and effective!
xyliwhiteXyli-White Mint iconWorks great at whitening teeth, tastes great, uses all natural ingredients, free of sodium lauryl sulfate, flouride and parabens, bakingsoda and xylitol added to improve tooth and gum health - 3 flavors & kids
nut bagMy Big Organic 2pkMake it yourself - see our post. Or these are great alternatives - strong, BPA-free, triple stitched at seams, no toxic glues, no softeners, GMO-free, undyed & unbleached, biodegradable.
strainer metal, meshCuisinart Stainless SteelYou need these for so many things from straining steamed vegetables, to washing fruits, to sifting almond flour, to separating bone broth...you name it. The three sizes come in really handy for the different cooking needs. Stainless steel offers strength and safety for your health
sifterNorpro Stainless Crank Remember these from days long ago? Well making your own nut and seed flours creates lumpy mixes. These sifters remove all the lumps and thin your flours into a finer quality to use in breads and baking. You taste and see the difference.
hand blenderConair Cuisinart 3 pieceExpensive but so worth the cost. We use ours for sauces, batters, drinks and especially whipped coconut cream. Important to have both attachments and the additional nut/ veggie chopper is an added bonus. Can find cheaper in store sales?
French coffee pressKONA Coffee and TeaMakes amazing tasting coffee and tea with double the flavor. Look for types that have strong glass containers, protective holders and good seals on the press. We love this brand.
whipped cream makerCoZroom Chef DispenserLuxury item for us, but makes whipping cream (from milk or coconuts) so much easier and faster. Even allows you to create decorative piping to add flair to any desert or drink.
Convection ovenNuWave Pro PlusThere are a lot of different types of these ovens. Look through the reviews because some are durable and others are not. We have tried four different models and like the NuWave for durability and best food taste/ cooking, Deni for versatility of cooking types and easy cleaning, and the Oyama for best price. We use ours almost every day for cooking meats (fresh, frozen, marinated, seasoned), drying herbs and nuts and baking breads. One drawback is that it doesn't work so well on cooking vegetables.
Soda StreamSodaStream GenesisWe use ours every day...actually quite a few times each day! It turns our natural spring water into sparkling water. We add balsamic, stevia flavors, fruit extracts or lemon juice to it to make delicious (and good for us) drinks for the whole family.
glass mason jar, 1 galPakkon Wide Mouth Great size for stroing kombucha, sprouting seeds, mixing drinks and even freezing fruits, seeds, flours and nuts.
glass beverage dispenser, 2 galCircleware Yorkshire Perfect size we use for making kombucha. It allows the scoby to grow to the size of the jar making the processing much quicker. It also works well for mixing and serving special drinks for get-togethers. We now have an even larger 3 gallon one, too!
sprouting jar capSprout-Ease - Econo-SprouterWe use this with the wide mouth jars to sprout our seeds and beans. Great for making your own bean sprouts, growing wheat grass or trying sprouted radish or chia seeds. So many fun options for the whole family - all loaded with nutrients!
canning jars, 16 ozBall Mason pint regular mouthThese are really useful for storing extra spices, flour mixes, seeds, or sauces. They can be frozen with either liquids or solids inside. Lids create airtight seals, too.
canning jars, 24 oz,Ball Jar Wide MouthThese make great sprouting jars. We also love drinking out of them, storing sauces, seeds, nut milks or any leftovers. They can be frozen with either liquids or solids inside. Lids create airtight seals, too.
canning jar, half pintBall Regular Half PintWE love this smaller size for storing nut buytters, dressings or spice mixes. They are also a good size for children's drinking glasses. You can get a slide on handle or drinking straw lid to make it more fun.
spatula, whiskHST whisk, spatula, basterSilicone with steel handles makes this a durable set to have. We use our spatula and whisk for almost every recipe. This set also has a baster and turner. There's others sets available - the right tools make cooking so much easier.
wooden spoons and spatulaKuche Kitchen w/ spatula100% compostable, biodegradable, natural wooden spoons. BPA free, toxin free, with silicone handles and a free silicone spatula. We love our set for the durability, resting handles and variety of sizes.
muffin pan, ceramicDanesco 12 CupBuy only steel with ceramic coating - aluminum will leach through your pans. This one is PFOA free, PTFE free, made from heavy duty 1.0mm carbon steel. We love it!
loaf pan, glassAnchor Hocking set of 3Glass is the safest baking surface. This is a great deal for three - you need more than one because you can bake more and freeze, or use for all cooking needs
baking sheet, ceramicSilverStone Hybrid w/ steelGreat baking sheet because it is coated with nonstick ceramic but has an underlying layer of steel. No aluminum, PFOA- and PTFE-free .
parchment paperKitchen Supply UnbleachedWe use this unbleached, natural paper for all our baking and cooking. It not only is non stick, doesn't burn and it also catches spills. It also makes a good wrap for leftover foods, treats or wraps and can be bound with string or 2nd wrapped with aluminum on the outside.
sandwich bags, paperIf You Care UnbleachedThese are the best invention! Kids can eat safe, BPA free foods becaue these are made in Sweden from unbleached spruce trees, also greaseproof, no petrolium, no chlorine, no parrafin wax
baking bag, parchmentPaperChef 2 pack These make food absorb all the flavors in your bag AND keep them juicy and perfectly cooked - just throw meat or veggies inside along with your seasonings and herbs. Plus, there's no mess to clean up! Gotta love that!
muffin cups, siliconeChefaith 48-Pcs ReusableBuy alot - you will use these for so many things! You can use them for making individual servings of anything you bake without needing a muffin pan. Can be used for muffins, snacks, puddings, frozen treats or baking cookies.
soap dispenser, mason lid & pumpCTW Dark Bronze MetalI use this on a black mason jar (spray painted or colored) for our miracle face oil blend. Never clogs and lets out the perfect amount with no leaking.
baking mat, siliconeSilicone Baking Mat SetWe use this instead of parchment paper. Nonstick and reusable - plenty of sizes to choose from. We've used ours for over 5 years with no wearing down at all!
spirulizerWonderVegTri-BladeMakes our favorite zuchinni noodles so easily. We have also used it for sweet potatoes, slicing veggies, and spirulizing carrots or apples for garnish. Easy to clean up, too.
food processorCuisinart DLC-8S 11-Cup Never realized how important this machine is. I make my nut butters, blend my dough and mix my thicker sauces or hummus. Also grates hard cheese so easily (and safely). This is what we use (5 yrs) - but check for sales
Blendtec BlenderBlendtec Classic 475I can't believe I survived without this! Higher price...waited to buy...used other blenders,,,nothing compares! Great customer service. This is what we use. but there are upgraded models. Must use 5 times or more every day!
Vitamix BlenderVitamix 5200 SeriesWe went with Blendtec because of compared reviews. Others in group swear by this one - you will need to make the choice. Amazing power - So much easier to be healthy with one!
Food SaverFoodsaver w/ marinatorLife saver! One of the best gifts my guy ever got me. Use it to store cooked, dried, fresh, and frozen foods. The adapter for marinading has become indispensable. Love that the bags are BPA and toxin free.
Food Saver bagsFoodSaver 11" Roll PackFoodSaver brand bags don’t contain BPA, phthalates, or other plasticizers with EA-leaching additives. They come in resealable, and different widths. Can be washed and reused, too!
glass bottle, clear, swing topEZ Cap clear 12pkThese are the best for kombucha drinks. They don't leak and keep the carbonation when refrigerated. The tops can be easily removed for cleaning. Must use clear glass for kombucha storage.
funnel, smallNorpro 3-Piece Stainless Ok, tried the silicone funnels but they collapse too easily. This set is my favorite for transfering sauces or lotions, transferring oils and even fills a flask. Amazing how often it comes in helpful.
funnel, wide mouthNorpro Wide-Mouth steelMy favorite funnel size because it lets me pour largeer, bulk items into canning jars or other containers without the mess or spillage. Worth the cost to make life easier.
barbecue spatula, steelCave Tools heavy dutyWe use only stainless steel on our grill because there are no toxins or BPA that gets into our foods. These are super durable, mid size for both men's and women's grip, and have a handy bottle opener.
styling spray, aloeLily of Desert Aloe Styling iconTop rated by us and others who have used it. Best at protecting hair in all types of weather. Polysaccharide-rich AloeSorb contains aloe polysaccharides that hydrate sun damaged skin and hair, stays soft, and manageable, but keeps styles in place, washes or brushes out leaving silky hair
earthing matEarthing Universal Mat with Cover KitA Must Have! Relieves pain, inflammation and helps heal your body - read our post on the effects