Ever have one of those nagging headaches that welcomes you every morning and stays in the background throughout your day. It makes you grumpy, on edge and just plain tired. I had chronic headaches that started after one of my “doing too much” weekends and it reoccurred every time I did anything that required any lifting or torque.

In that my shoulders were tense and my back was also sore, I knew it was muscle related, but nothing I tried fixed it for any length of time….until I discovered Foundation Training. Was I skeptical – Yes – Did it work – YES!!! 

Foundation Training/ Core Training

This is a term coined by Dr Eric Goodman who discovered in his practice and research that gravity combined with our industrialized society has created a change in how we stand and walk. Not new info.

What’s new is the moves he presents using the research of Dr. Joan Vernikos, a redeemed NASA scientist, and Ester Gokhale, a specialist in posture movements, that are few, simple and amazingly effective in building the correct muscles to realign our spines (and rid our bodies of pain!) 

phone-postureBoth Dr Goodman shares that the way we are sitting, standing and walking have changed the way we hold our bodies. We are leaning forward and inward from being hunched over desks, computer monitors, phones, driving and Gravity Pushing Down on us all day long. 

Check yourself right now…pull your neck back and see how far you had it sticking out forward. Now pull your shoulders back and see how far they move. Pull your chest in, tighten your stomach…and now think about any areas of pain to see if they are getting less. I was shocked at how far I was out of alignment with my spine – and pleasantly surprised that I could feel some release of my tightness areas already. 

Makes sense – any body area that is out, back or slouched in no longer gets the support of the other areas and thus fatigues quicker and drags the others down with it.

Fixing Your Posture (and Pain) with 3 Easy Steps

Here’s Dr Goodman’s and Dr Vernikos’s advice:

  1. Stand and Move Often – get up at least every 15 minutes for just a moment to change your posture. Push your chin back, tuck your hips, tighten your stomach and pull your shoulders back into alignment with your spine. Remember: STAND BIG.
  2. Anchor to the Earth – take off your shoes and walk on the Earth each day. Press your feet into the ground and let your toes work out. Our feet are too weak due to wearing supportive shoes and thus don’t do a good enough job in holding us up tall during the day. 10 minutes is all it takes.
  3. Practice Core Corrective Exercises – Dr. Goodman has a video series and we attached a free link below that worked to rid my pain. 12 minutes, in your house, any attire. Easy to do moves, well explained with examples, amazingly tough on weaker muscle groups….and Effective in relieving all pain after only 2 Days! He suggests doing it daily, but we use it along with yoga and vibration plate training to keep us stronger and stretched out.

How Effective is It?

I’m going on 3 months with little to no pain. When I do feel my old injury acting up again, I first check my posture and realign my body, then check my stress areas and consciously relax them and let the “eight of the world” release from the area. Last I listen to my bodies signals and review what I am doing that is causing my body harm.

trunk-musclesBoth doctors agree that “We need to get back in touch with our bodies” and to listen to the signals. This change to doing Foundation Training is one that I know my body and my mind appreciates because it takes away the pain, teaches me correct posture and allows my body the ability to heal and rebuild.

Variety of exercises is the best way to give our bodies the things it needs to function optimally and set the stage for longevity. See our prior articles in this series to get some ideas on Strength Training and Interval Training and How Exercise Makes us Smarter.

We would love to hear back from you on how effective it was for you. We have all started doing the Foundation Training moves and even purchased Dr. Goodman’s DVDs which we have found to be even better in alleviating pain and teaching us how to sit, stand and move correctly. Send us your story!