Science has proven that eating a ketogenic diet significantly lengthens your life span, reduces your inflammation, increases your energy and reverses/ rids your life of disease.

Primary worry is that it is too hard of an eating plan to follow – but those on it share a much different view. Most state its much easier than they thought….an so worth the effort in benefits gained.

We embedded videos and links to information throughout this article so that you could find the answers for yourself from some of the top experts and scientists in the field of health and longevity studies. 

It use to be that we had so many different diet plan choices and eating ketogenic was just one option. That’s no longer the case with the advent of the improvements in scientific research and technology. Science now verifiably shows that our bodies and health perform best on a ketogenic eating plan – low carbohydrate, low sugar, high healthy fat, medium protein diet.

Here’s questions we had:

What Does a Ketogenic Diet Look Like?

What Benefits Should/ Could We See?

How Does This Way of Eating Lengthen Our Lifespan?

Are there any dangers? Side effects?

Here’s what we found out:

What Does a Ketogenic Diet Look Like?

keto-saladA Ketogenic diet has many different variations, but all focus on a similar trait = eating lower amounts of carbohydrates.

What are carbohydrates? They are your breads, chips, crackers, pastas, cereals and deserts.

What? Give up everything I like to eat!!! Yes and No. Yes, all the above carbohydrate rich foods are harmful to your body and should not be eaten in their store-bought form…but No, because we and many others are revising recipes to keep these staples in our diets, but changing their ingredients to make them out of healthy items.

Eating ketogenic means:ketogenic-diet

  • Limited to no sugar – sugar is the worst offender when it comes to your health. It ages your body and skin, it causes increased inflammation, it causes diseased states and feeds cancer and tumor cells. Remember fruits have fructose sugars too, so eat these in moderation daily and keep to those that are in season. Think “snack” not “meal”. (Don’t worry. Your sweets are not gone forever because there are healthy low carb – just-as-good alternatives. Check out our dessert and snack recipes!)
  • Limited starchy carbohydrate foods – you should be eating only about 10% of your daily calories from carbohydrates. That’s a big change from the standards diets. Most of these carbs will come from your organic vegetables and only a small portion from starches such as sweet potatoes, white rice or healthy grains.    
  • Eat a lot of healthy fats – you should get around 70% – 80% of your calories from healthy fats. These calories come from foods such as grass fed butter and ghee, heart healthy oils such as coconut or avocado, organic nuts such as almonds, macadamia and cashews, avocados, and some grass fed cheeses such as Romano, Gouda or cream cheese. These fuel the body and brain.
  • Drink clean, pure water – water is the source of all life, vitality and health in your cells, and thus your body. Most importantly is to drink clean, pure water that is as toxin free as possible so that your body can heal inflammation and build new mitochondria for energy.

Click on this link to be taken to a site that does a very good job explaining how to begin this way of eating

Beginner’s Guide to Ketogenic Eating


What Benefits Should/ Could We See?

Ketosis, Nutritional Ketosis, Paleo, Atkins, Low Carb…all names for variations of eating this low carb lifestyle. Use to be we were told to do it for losing weight rapidly. New (and old) science demonstrates that’s no longer the primary reason to eat this way.

How the Ketogenic Diet Works
How the Ketogenic Diet Works

Previous studies have shown the Ketogenic diet is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for epilepsy. But here’s a list of many other neurological disorders it also helps/ cures:

  • Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinsons
  • Autism
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Brain Tumors
  • Cancers
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • ALS
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure

Scientific data regarding these new uses of diet therapy is accumulating rapidly. Variations of the ketogenic diet for these other disorders are being developed.

Eating a ketogenic diet is not only for disease reversal – it’s also for disease prevention and optimization of your health. Tired of getting sick, feeling tired or easily becoming stressed? Due to the beneficial effect of eating this way on our mitochondria growth (the batteries in all our cells), it eradicates all of these symptoms and more.

Here’s some other proven benefits you will see:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Normalization of appetite
  • Increased/ sustained energy
  • Decreases acid reflux/ heartburn
  • Improved skin, hair, nail growth
  • Improved memory and brain function
  • Improved digestion/ elimination
  • Reduced inflammation/ pain


How Does This Way of Eating Lengthen Our Lifespan?

Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. D’Agostino, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Permulter, Dr Attia, Dr Jockers and so many other experts in the field of science all agree on one thing…Ketogenic diets lengthen (and improve) our lifespans. 

keto-dietKetogenic diet gives the body fat for energy rather than sugar/ glucose.

  1. Fat is longer burning so you have less hunger and higher energy levels.
  2. Ketones/Fat is cleaner burning so there are less waste products built up and stored in your system (think oxidative stress…wrinkles, inflammation, diseases).
  3. Sugar and carbohydrate intakes increase insulin levels and burn at a faster rate creating a continual state of hunger and need for more calories.
  4. Eating fat helps you burn more fat
  5. Improved athletic performance/ increased Human Growth Hormone production and muscle strength

A few variations to make the eating plan fit your lifestyle and needs:

  • Fat Fast Ketosis State – if quick start of fat loss is desired you can try this eating plan for 2 – 5 days to get you into a state of ketosis more quickly and burn more body fat. It is not safe to stay on this eating plan for more than a few days (unless used as a cancer cure) because it doesn’t provide enough nutrition.
  • Nutritional Ketosis – eating 70% – 80% of your diet as healthy fats, low amounts of carbohydrates, mostly from a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and seeds, and moderate amounts of grass fed protein and nuts. This will get you to ketosis where you will be burning fat (ketones) for sustained energy.  
  • Cyclical Ketosis Cycle – alternating low carb/ high fat days with higher carb/ lower fat days (limited to 1-2 per week) to give you a chance to hang out with “normal eaters” and teach your system to burn fats rather than glucose more effectively. 
  • intermittent Fasting – limiting how often you eat to give your body time to process your last foods eaten, improve your elimination of toxins and burn increased amounts of body fat as a fuel. (We consistently do 18 hour fast/ 6 hour eat plans and its so much easier than we all thought!) 

Are there any dangers? Side effects?

There are some things you need to be aware of when starting this eating plan. Your body has been living off of carbohydrates and sugars for a long time. Likely you are even addicted to both of these substances because of the additives and fillers used in them that create true addictions in all of us. 

Knowing this, your body will need a few days to adjust to burning fats as fuel rather than sugars (glucose). Your body will search for glucose when your energy levels get lowered and you may feel increased cravings.

Your fat on your body is where all the toxins collected over the years are stored. Thus when these fat pockets are used for energy and released as fuel into your systems, the toxins they hold are also released. This can make you feel “crappy” at times. This only lasts for a few days, and is so worth the process when you think of the healing and cleansing benefits you are reaping. Drink a lot of good, clean water and it will soon pass.

Lastly, you may become a little more tired at first due to your body and brain adjusting to your new fuel source. Take your vitamins, drink water, drink coffee with coconut milk and stevia (without any sugar), and respect that you have abused your body for many years and it may take a few days to heal it.

vitalityThen…you wake one day to feel amazing! wonderful! full of energy! and clear-headed! and you can’t believe someone didn’t tell you about this way of eating sooner! 

My story…

I’ve been on at least 10 different types of diets in my lifetime “Battle with the Bulge”. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told that I would look so much better or be so much healthier if I could just lose 10 more pounds, 20 more pounds, 40 more pounds.

The difference with changing to eating the ketogenic way and skipping breakfast (I still have my Bulletproof coffee) is that with this plan I not only lost (and have easily kept off) a lot of fat weight, but I also feel like I have 3x the energy, glowing skin and much better memory and brain power.

I’m a skeptic by nature because too many times I have wasted my time and excitement on false or misleading advice. That’s why this time I, and our team, dove into deep research on the facts of exactly which way of eating was best for our overall health, vitality and longevity.

Ketogenic eating with low carbs and no sugar was and is still being proven, without a doubt, to be the best plan to achieve optimal health with limited disease and enhanced mental capabilities.

How we feel…

  • We feel like we are in our twenties (we’re in our 50’s).
  • We sleep deeper and wake refreshed and rested.
  • We handle stress better and can keep a level mood throughout the month.
  • We have lost all of our unneccessary body fat, yet gained increased muscle mass.
  • We have very rare and few muscle or joint aches.
  • We have amazing libido (enhanced sexual performance and desires).
  • We have a consistent lack of hunger and decreased cravings.
  • We have out-of-this-world energy to do all we want to accomplish in life!