We gravitate towards warm and toasty things. Savory foods, sunny beaches, warm saunas …. Warmth makes us feel content and happy.

Problem is there is another form of body warmth that causes internal heat – inflammation.  

Inflammation comes in two forms:

  • Overuse and Injury Inflammation = we feel redness, swelling and pain at injured site
  • Internal Cellular Inflammation = we do not feel this, but it causes all chronic disease and disabilities in our bodies

What are the causes?

What we eat, how we exercise and the quality of our sleep….but mainly what we eat. There’s a direct relationship between those savory, fresh baked, warm foods and that internal inflammation. This negative reaction is often unseen and unnoticed but the underlying effect on us is:

  • quicker brain, body and skin aging
  • slow deterioration of our joints and muscles
  • chronic diseases, disabilities and earlier death  

How we came to this place…

Let us backtrack and introduce our path to this place of internal cellular inflammation:

  • We ate a low fat, high carb, low protein, higher fruits and veggies diet.
  • We exercised regularly by running, lifting weights, using the elliptical machines and biking for at least an hour or more as many days a week as we could.
  • We were told we were relatively healthy according to our doctor visits and what was considered the regular effects of aging for our GenerationX group.
  • We had occasional aches and pains and digestive troubles but nothing too severe to warrant excessive worry.

…Then seemingly overnight

  • one had a high blood pressure/ high blood sugar diagnosis;
  • another had weight gain that wouldn’t budge even with extra workouts and dieting;
  • a third had a thyroid/hormone change that caused foggy thinking.

Decision – stop listening to the “experts”. Start researching and biohacking on ourselves.

Realization What we thought we were doing right to stay young and healthy was actually what was making us inflamed. We were primed for numerous diseases to step in and start breaking down our bodies.

What were we doing wrong?

Here’s the first summary of what we learned we were doing wrong for optimal brain, body and health for longevity and disease prevention.

  • Eating a low fat diet
  • Eating grain fed meats, eggs and milk products
  • Over exercising/ ineffective exercising
  • Eating too much fruit and sweets
  • Eating gluten and non-organic produce
  • Not sleeping soundly for 7 hrs. per night

Too much to change at once! We agree. We will explain each more in articles each week to share the studies, data and resources that will help you decide if each is a change, a tweek, or an overhaul you want to make to your own diet and lifestyle.

All we can say is we started as curious skeptics, and are now sold on the changes        

because we all feel, think, function and look much younger than our actual ages!

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Cauliflower momentgetting aches and pains is NOT just a “normal part of the aging process”!